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Ukraine New Commemorative Coin Dedicated to Maternity

On 18 June, the National Bank of Ukraine put into circulation the commemorative coin “Maternity” of 5 hryvnias.

image                image (1)

The initiative of creating this coin was for promoting maternity in Ukraine and helping the initiatives of improving the health and well being of mothers.

Coin Technical Details:

Material: Ag 925
Quality: proof
Weight: 15.55 g
Diameter: 33.0 mm
Mintage: 10000 pieces.
Coin edge: smooth with incised legends
Designer: Nataliia Fandikova
Engravers: Anatolii Demianenko and Sviatoslav Ivanenko

New Canadian Stamp To Be Issued: Children’s Literature – Stella

Canadian Post announced they will issue on July 5th the second stamp in the Children’s Literature series, honoring the author and illustrator Marie-Louise Gay and her young character Stella.


Marie-Louise Gay, one of Canada’s best-loved creators of children’s books,  has received numerous awards for her works in both French and English, including the 2005 Vicky Metcalf Award, multiple Governor General’s Awards, the Ruth Schwartz Award, the Mr. Christie’s Book Award, the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Canadian Picture Book Award, the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award and the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator’s Award.

Her famous Stella and Sam books have been published in more than twelve languages. Stella, her brother Sam and their pet dog Fred explore the world, and bring readers along on their many adventures.


Stamp Technical Details:

Layout: Booklet of 10 stamps
Denomination: 2 x Permanent™ domestic rate
Design: Q30 design Inc.
Dimensions: 32 mm x 32 mm (square)
Gum Type: Pressure sensitive
Type: Tullis Russell
Perforations: Simulated perforation
Printer: Lowe-Martin
Printing Process: Lithography in 7 colours
Tagging: General, 4 sides
Quantity: 4,000,000


Doctor Who .. Happy Birthday coin for its 50th anniversary – Niue Island – TARDIS

The Perth Mint released today for Niue Island a proof silver coin of 1oz depicting on it .. the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) which is a time machine and spacecraft used in Doctor Who, a famous British SF series that started in 1963.

Niue Island - 2 Dollars 2013 - Doctor Who - 50th anniversary

Niue Island – 2 Dollars 2013 – Doctor Who – 50th anniversary

Doctor Who - TARDIS

Doctor Who – TARDIS

Technical Details:

Mintage Proof: 10,000
Diameter: 40.60 mm
Thickness: 4.00 mm
Weight: 31.1350 g
Material: Silver 0.9990
Mint: Australia – Perth
Edge Type: reeded

If you want to view more details about the coin or add it to your collection or wish list, you can access it in our catalog:

Estonian Post issued a new stamp: Estonian fauna – Weasel

Estonian Post issued this month a new stamp in the Estonian fauna series, dedicated to the weasel.

Weasels (Mustela Nivalis) are small, active predators, having long and slender and short legs.
Weasels sizes vary from 173 to 217 mm, females being smaller than the males, and usually have red or brown upper coats and white bellies. Their bodies which enable them to follow their prey into burrows. Weasels have a reputation for their cleverness and quickness.
They feed on small mammals and they live all across the world except for Antarctica, Australia, and the islands from that area. Some people train dogs to sniff out weasels for protecting chickens and other small animals.


Stamp Technical Details:

Price: 0.45
Designer: Sándor Stern
Quantity issued: 70 000
Sheets: 4 x 5
Perforation: 12¾ : 13
Print: offset
Printing house: AS Vaba Maa






New Polish silver commemorative coin: Football Clubs – Warta Poznań

The National Bank of Poland will issue a new commemorative silver coin dedicated to the Polish football club Warta Poznań.

Founded in 1912, the club won Polish Football Championship two times (in 1929 and 1947), and currently reside in the Polish First League. The name means the Guard in Polish and it’s also the name of river Warta on which the city Poznań is located.

2013_11___warta_poznan_5zl_A 2013_11___warta_poznan_5zl_R

Technical Details:

Alloy: Ag 925
Finish: proof
Diameter: 24,00
Weight: 7,07 g
Mintage: up to 40,000

New Android App for Collectors of Canadian Coins

We launched today a new application designed for the collectors of Canadian coins that have an Android smartphone or tablet. This is a modern tool that comes to replace the old paper catalogs and lists and to make the collector’s life easier.


The app will help the users easily manage their coin collection, by organizing the wish list, trade list and personal collection. Also it offers over 700 Canadian coins with useful information like images, catalog prices, mintage, material, weight, diameter and others.

An extra option called the coin “Market Price” is also available, giving information about the real value of a coin (based on the prices of coins sold in auctions).

All the data saved inside the app can be easily synchronized between multiple devices (phone, tablet and computer), being safely stored on platform.

device-2013-06-07-135917   device-2013-06-07-140006   device-2013-06-07-135730

You can buy the app now for 1.99€ on Amazon:

or on Google Play:

Allnumis also made available Android apps with coins from Denmark, Hungary and Romania and other countries are about to come.


Royal Australian Mint celebrates the life of Slim Dusty with a 1 Dollar coin

Today, the Royal Australian Mint, issued a new coin in their Inspirational Australians $1 series celebrating the life of Slim Dusty (1927-2003), the Australian King of Country Music.

Slim Dusty is the first artist that had his music broadcasted from space. This happened in 1981 during the mission of Columbia shuttle.


Australia 1 Dollar 2013 - Slim Dusty

Australia 1 Dollar 2013 – Slim Dusty

Technical Details:

Diameter: 25.00 mm
Weight: 9.0000 g
Material: Aluminum-Bronze
Mint: Australia – Royal Australian Mint
Designer: A. Stokic
Mintage: unlimited

If you want to view more details about the coin or add it to your collection or wish list, you can access it in our catalog:

Canadian Stamps Issue: The War of 1812 – Laura Secord and Charles de Salaberry

Canada Post have a new issue on June 20th, dedicated to The War of 1812. The stamps conclude the series honoring heroes from the War of 1812, depicting the portraits of Laura Secord and Charles de Salaberry.


The War of 1812 was a 32-month military conflict between the United States and the British Empire and their Indian allies which resulted in no territorial change between the Empire and the US, but a resolution of many issues which remained from the American War of Independence.

Stamp designer Susan Scott led the charge on this year’s issue, trying to highlight the connections in the heroic stories through the background of the stamps. Challenged with maintaining historical accuracy, she turned to costume experts, while injecting some drama into the stamps.

New Commemorative Stamps in New Zealand: Honey Bees

New Zealand Post announced a new commemorative stamps issue dedicated to honey bees.

The honey bee plays a very important role in New Zealand’s main industry, and is responsible for much more than just honey production.  New Zealand’s economy is more dependent on pollination from the honey bee than any other nation on Earth. About one third of the food is pollinated by bees, and many of the crops would not be viable without the bee pollination.

The set to be issued contains the following five gummed stamps:

70c: Collecting the nectar


$1.40 – Returning to the hive


$1.90 – In the hive


$2.40 – Harvesting the honey


$2.90 – Ready to eat



The stamps are now available for pre-order and will be available starting from July 3rd.

New commemorative coin: Polish Ships – Lublin Class Minelayer-landing Ship

The Bank of Poland will issue on June 19th a new commemorative 2 zl coin in the Polish Ships series, dedicated to the  Lublin Class Minelayer-landing Ship.

2013_09___lublin_2zl_A 2013_09___lublin_2zl_R

Technical Details:

Alloy: CuAl5Zn5Sn1
Finish: standard
Diameter: 27,00 mm
Weight: 8,15 g
Mintage: up to 800000

The Lublin class  (also know as Projekt 767) are minelayer-landing ships that were designed and built for the Polish Navy, being in service since 1989. Because of the Communism fall, only five of of the twelve planned ships were built, in the Northern Shipyard in Gdańsk. They can carry up to 9 T-72 tanks or 17 transport vehicles and 135 equipped troops. The ships were named after the chief cities of the Piast dynasty.


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