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New 100 Taka Commemorative Banknote Issued by Bangladesh

On July 9th, Bangladesh released into circulation a new 100 taka commemorative banknote, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Bangladesh National Museum.bangladesh100

Bangladesh National Museum is one of the largest museums in South Asia, having archaeology, classical, decorative and contemporary art, history, natural history, ethnography and world civilization sections. It’s splendid collections range in date from prehistory to the present time and are very rich in stone, metal and wooden sculptures, in gold, silver and copper coins, in stone inscriptions and copperplates and in terracottas and other artifacts of archaeological interest. The Museum is known for its collection of Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin and works of other contemporary artists and also for illustrating the freedom struggle culminating in the liberation of Bangladesh.

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan Will Issue New 5000 Sum Banknote

Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan will issue on July 1st a new banknote having the face value of 5000 sum.


The banknotes are made on security paper, measuring 144 x 78 mm. On the white box on the right side of the banknote, there is a watermark in the form of a coat of arms of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the number “5000”. On the left side of the white box located there’s a holographic effect. In the background on the left side there are some ornamental elements, containing the emblem of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Along with the cash in circulation,  the banknotes of 5000 sum must be accepted at their face value for all kinds of payments, by all business entities and by the public, without any restrictions.

The official exchange rate on June 28th is 2077.00 sum / $1.