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Canada Post Will Issue a New Stamp Celebrating 250 Years of Postal History

Canada Post announced they will issue on June 10th a new stamp celebrating 250 years of postal history.


In 1753, Philadelphia Postmaster Benjamin Franklin opened the first Canadian post office in Halifax. It linked the Atlantic colonies with Britain. But eventually, Franklin’s involvement with the growing revolt against the British Empire made it necessary for him to leave his post.

Hugh Finlay was confirmed as postmaster general at Québec in 1763. He arranged for a courier from Montréal to New York to reach the monthly packet sailing to Britain. By 1771, weekly service was available year round.

In 1833, the Quebec-built Royal William was the first steamer to carry mail across the Atlantic. Canada’s first railway line was established in 1836, and became quickly recognized as a way to carry mail faster and farther. In 1868, An Act for the Regulation of the Postal Service officially created Canada’s uniform postal system.

The stamp was designed by Andrew Perro, who tried to depict such a long, detailed history: “Realizing 250 years of Canadian postal history on a stamp is like trying to summarize it in one sentence – not easily done. Instead, the design focuses on the system’s early establishment and how it helped to shape Canada’s future.”

New Irish Stamp Issue – John F. Kennedy

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy visit to Ireland, An Post is issuing on June 6th two stamps designed by Steve Simpson,  featuring images of the state visit.

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Being one of the most charismatic political figures in the twentieth century, John Fitzgerald Kennedy is remembered for many accomplishments during his too short life, which ended so tragically when his motorcade drove though Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas, on a November day in 1963.

In Ireland, JFK is best known for the state visit to his ancestral homeland in June 1963. His itinerary for the visit included, amongst others, addressing both Houses of the Irish Oireachtas, laying a wreath at the graves of victims of the Easter Rising and paying a visit to the Kennedy home in Dunganstown, County Wexford.

Stamp Technical Details:

Values & Quantities: 1 x 60c (136k), 1 x 90c (116k)
Stamp Design: Steve Simpson
Stamp Size: 36mm x 36mm
Colour: Multicolour with phosphor tagging
Make-up: Sheetlets of 16
Perforations: 13.5 x 13.5
Printing Process: Lithography
Printer: Irish Security Stamp Printing Ltd.

New Motorcycles Stamps issued by Canadian Post

The Canadian Post will issue on June 5th the first stamps in a series dedicated to the Canadian motorcycle manufacturing and design. This issue is featuring the 1908 Lightweight Motor Cycle and the 1914 Indian.


Motorcycles are one of the most affordable forms of transport in many parts of the world and, for most of the world’s population, they are also the most common type of motor vehicle, with over 200 million motorcycles in use worldwide. Motorcycles represent a broad range of interests including sports, transportation, recreation and pastime. The Canadian landscape seems to be built for motorcycles, offering the freedom of exploration.

Matt Warburton of Emdoubleyu Design worked on the stamps design, using his passion for motorcycles. He chose to create a  simple design, focusing on the motorcycle itself: “I wanted to capture the structural beauty of a motorcycle, the design of the bikes, the beauty of the shapes of the engines, body and tanks.”

The result is a stamp that highlights two views of the bike. The most prominent is the top view of the rider, the other is of the bike’s profile. The Official First Day Cover shows off even more of the profile, while the background gets up close to the engines.

New Forever Stamps issue by US Post: Gettysburg and Vicksburg Civil War

United States Postal Services announced on May 23th a new stamp issue,  the third of a five-year series commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

The sheet of 12 stamps includes two stamp designs, one illustrating the Battle of Gettysburg, the largest battle of the war, and  the other one depicting the Battle of Vicksburg, a Union campaign to gain control of the Mississippi River. The Postal Service began the Civil War Sesquicentennial Forever stamp series in 2011 with the issuance of the Fort Sumter and Battle of Bull Run Forever stamps. In 2012, stamps memorializing the Battles of Antietam and New Orleans were issued.


The background image on the 1863 souvenir sheet is a photograph taken by Mathew Brady shortly after the Battle of Gettysburg of captured Confederate soldiers, who reportedly posed for Brady on Seminary Ridge. The souvenir sheet includes comments on the war by Abraham Lincoln, Clara Barton, Rufus R. Dawes (a Union soldier), and William Tunnard (a Confederate soldier). It also includes some of the lyrics of “Lorena” a popular Civil War song by Henry D. L. Webster and Joseph P. Webster.



The stamp series was designed by art director Phil Jordan of Falls Church, VA.