Central Bank of Ireland Issued 2 New Collector Coins dedicated to John F. Kennedy

The Central Bank of Ireland launched on June 27th two collector coins to celebrate the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s visit to Ireland.

JFK 2-coin case and coins Combined

A €10 Silver Proof coin and a €20 Gold Proof coin have both been issued. The coins depict an iconic portrait of John F. Kennedy, the first President of the United States represented on an Irish coin. The silver coin is available individually and also in a set together with the gold one.

The Central Bank Director of Financial Operations, Maurice McGuire, said at the coins launch: “It is very appropriate that we launch this coin in New Ross today because it was on this very day fifty years ago that the President made the historic visit to his ancestral home, which has had such a lasting impact on the people of Ireland.”

Both coins were designed by Tom Fitzgerald and have a mintage of 35,000 units (25,000 units of the €10 silver coin and 10,000 units of the €20 gold coin).


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