New Android App for Collectors of US Coins

We launched today a new application designed for the collectors of United States coins that own an Android smartphone or tablet. This is a modern tool that comes to replace the old paper catalogs and lists and to make the collector’s life easier.


The app will help the users easily manage their coin collection, by organizing the wish list, trade list and personal collection. Also it offers a catalog of over 1000 American coins with useful information like images, catalog prices, mintage, material, weight, diameter and others.

An extra option called the coin “Market Price” is also available, giving information about the real value of a coin (based on the prices of coins sold in auctions).

All the data saved inside the app can be easily synchronized between multiple devices (phone, tablet and computer), being safely stored on platform.


You can buy the app now for 1.99€ on:


Google Play:

Allnumis also made available Android apps with coins from Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary and Romania and other countries are about to come.

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