New Canadian Stamp To Be Issued: Children’s Literature – Stella

Canadian Post announced they will issue on July 5th the second stamp in the Children’s Literature series, honoring the author and illustrator Marie-Louise Gay and her young character Stella.


Marie-Louise Gay, one of Canada’s best-loved creators of children’s books,  has received numerous awards for her works in both French and English, including the 2005 Vicky Metcalf Award, multiple Governor General’s Awards, the Ruth Schwartz Award, the Mr. Christie’s Book Award, the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Canadian Picture Book Award, the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award and the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator’s Award.

Her famous Stella and Sam books have been published in more than twelve languages. Stella, her brother Sam and their pet dog Fred explore the world, and bring readers along on their many adventures.


Stamp Technical Details:

Layout: Booklet of 10 stamps
Denomination: 2 x Permanent™ domestic rate
Design: Q30 design Inc.
Dimensions: 32 mm x 32 mm (square)
Gum Type: Pressure sensitive
Type: Tullis Russell
Perforations: Simulated perforation
Printer: Lowe-Martin
Printing Process: Lithography in 7 colours
Tagging: General, 4 sides
Quantity: 4,000,000


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