New commemorative coin: Polish Ships – Lublin Class Minelayer-landing Ship

The Bank of Poland will issue on June 19th a new commemorative 2 zl coin in the Polish Ships series, dedicated to the  Lublin Class Minelayer-landing Ship.

2013_09___lublin_2zl_A 2013_09___lublin_2zl_R

Technical Details:

Alloy: CuAl5Zn5Sn1
Finish: standard
Diameter: 27,00 mm
Weight: 8,15 g
Mintage: up to 800000

The Lublin class  (also know as Projekt 767) are minelayer-landing ships that were designed and built for the Polish Navy, being in service since 1989. Because of the Communism fall, only five of of the twelve planned ships were built, in the Northern Shipyard in Gdańsk. They can carry up to 9 T-72 tanks or 17 transport vehicles and 135 equipped troops. The ships were named after the chief cities of the Piast dynasty.


If you want to view more details about the coin or add it to your collection or wish list, you can access it in our catalog:

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