New Polish Coin Issue: History of Polish Coin – Denarius of Boleslaw I the Brave

The National Bank of Polland announced they will issue a new commemorative coin on June 20th, dedicated to Denarius of Boleslaw I the Brave. The coin is part of the History of Polish Coin series and has the face value of 5 zl.

2013_10___denar_chrobrego_5zl_A 2013_10___denar_chrobrego_5zl_R

Bolesław I was a Duke of Poland from 992–1025 and the first King of Poland from 18 April 1025 until his death in 1025. Bolesław I was a remarkable politician and strategist, turning Poland into a country that was not only comparable to older western monarchies, but also elevated it into the European elite.

Coin Technical Details:

Mintage: 20,000
Diameter: 24.00 mm
Weight: 7.0700 g
Material: Silver 0.9250

If you wish to view more details about the coin, add it to your collection or wish list, access it in our catalog here:

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