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Estonian Post Will Issue a New Stamp: St Catherine’s of Võru

Estonian Post announced a new stamp issue on July 24th dedicated to St Catherine’s of Võru church.


St Catherine’s of Võru was built in the years 1788–1792, being a contemporary with the city, and was finished on July 24, 1793. The church has two tower clocks – the smaller one weighing 460 and the bigger one 850 kg. In 2013 it is also the centenary of its organ built by the Kriisa brothers. Services are held inside the church on every Sunday and on at all the major festivities. St Catherine’s of Võru has also been included in the Travellers’ Churches program.

Stamp Technical Details:

Price: 0.45
Date: 24.07.2013
Designer: Riho Luuse
Quantity issued: 50 000
Sheets: 5 X 5
Perforation: 13¾ : 14
Print: ofset
Printing house: AS Vaba Maa

Estonian Post issued a new stamp: Estonian fauna – Weasel

Estonian Post issued this month a new stamp in the Estonian fauna series, dedicated to the weasel.

Weasels (Mustela Nivalis) are small, active predators, having long and slender and short legs.
Weasels sizes vary from 173 to 217 mm, females being smaller than the males, and usually have red or brown upper coats and white bellies. Their bodies which enable them to follow their prey into burrows. Weasels have a reputation for their cleverness and quickness.
They feed on small mammals and they live all across the world except for Antarctica, Australia, and the islands from that area. Some people train dogs to sniff out weasels for protecting chickens and other small animals.


Stamp Technical Details:

Price: 0.45
Designer: Sándor Stern
Quantity issued: 70 000
Sheets: 4 x 5
Perforation: 12¾ : 13
Print: offset
Printing house: AS Vaba Maa