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New Irish Stamp Issue – John F. Kennedy

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy visit to Ireland, An Post is issuing on June 6th two stamps designed by Steve Simpson,  featuring images of the state visit.

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Being one of the most charismatic political figures in the twentieth century, John Fitzgerald Kennedy is remembered for many accomplishments during his too short life, which ended so tragically when his motorcade drove though Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas, on a November day in 1963.

In Ireland, JFK is best known for the state visit to his ancestral homeland in June 1963. His itinerary for the visit included, amongst others, addressing both Houses of the Irish Oireachtas, laying a wreath at the graves of victims of the Easter Rising and paying a visit to the Kennedy home in Dunganstown, County Wexford.

Stamp Technical Details:

Values & Quantities: 1 x 60c (136k), 1 x 90c (116k)
Stamp Design: Steve Simpson
Stamp Size: 36mm x 36mm
Colour: Multicolour with phosphor tagging
Make-up: Sheetlets of 16
Perforations: 13.5 x 13.5
Printing Process: Lithography
Printer: Irish Security Stamp Printing Ltd.