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You like Hedgehogs? Kazakhstan issued a coin in their Red Book series – 50 Tenge

Every year starting 2006 Kazakhstan issues a new coin the their Red Book of Kazakhstan series. This year they chose the hedgehog.

Did you know that there are seventeen species of hedgehog in the world? Usually they are a do-good animal but in some countries they are an invasive species (New Zealand, Scotland’s islands).

50 Tenge 2013 - Red Book - Hedgehog

50 Tenge 2013 – Red Book – Hedgehog

The coin is made out of a nickel-silver alloy, has a diameter of 31 mm, a weight of 11.17 grams and a mintage of 100,000 units.

Kazakhstan – 120th birth anniversary of Magjan Zhumabayev

Today, 28th May, the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan issued a new nickel-silver coin commemorating 120 years since the birth of Mağjan Zhumabayev.

He was a Qazaq writer and pedagogue, one of the fathers of the modern Qazaq literature.

Mağjan Zhumabayev

Mağjan Zhumabayev

Coin Details:

Mintage: 100,000
Diameter: 31.00 mm
Weight: 11.17 g
Material: Nickel-Silver
Mint: Kazakhstan – Ôskemen (Kamenogorsk)


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