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Kokle, the Latvian musical instrument now depicted on the 1 Lats coin

The Bank of Latvia will issue Monday, 10 June 2013, a new 1 Lats coin depicting the kokle, a traditional Latvian musical instrument (in the Zither family).

1 Lats 2013 - Kokle Latvia

1 Lats 2013 – Kokle Latvia


Technical Details:

Diameter: 21.75 mm
Weight: 4.8000 g
Material: Copper-Nickel
Designer: Anna Heinrihsone / Ligita Franckeviča

If you want to view more details about the coin or add it to your collection or wish list, access it in our catalog here: http://www.allnumis.com/coin/latvia/1-lats-2013-kokle-28955