US Post Issues a New Stamp Series: New England Coastal Lighthouses

United States Postal Services announced  the issuance on Saturday, July 13,  of the New England Coastal Lighthouse Forever stamps.

The sixth issuance in the lighthouse series features five New England Coastal Lighthouses: Portland Head (Cape Elizabeth, ME); Portsmouth Harbor (New Castle, NH); Boston Harbor (Boston, MA); Point Judith (Narragansett, RI) and New London Harbor (New London, CT).

Portland Head

Portland Head was established in 1791, being Maine’s oldest lighthouse.


Portsmouth Harbor

Although citizens of Portsmouth Harbor had demanded a lighthouse as early as 1721, only 50 years later the Portsmouth Harbor’s first beacon was lit.


Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor Light it’s North America’s first true light station. It was built in 1716 because of the city’s business community urging.


Point Judith

Point Judith Lighthouse guards a dangerous area of the Atlantic, this area seeing many shipwrecks, even after the addition of the lighthouse.


New London Harbor

New London Harbor is Connecticut’s oldest and tallest lighthouse, originally established in 1761.


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